March 2, 2012

Father America

By Glenn

Ed Kilgore provides a pretty good summation of modern conservatism.  It’s not really a “freedom agenda” unless you are a “daddy.”  If you’re a “father,” then you’re free to tell others how to live their private lives.  If you’re not lucky enough to be a “father,” then you should be seen and not heard.  If you step out of line, you’re a slut.

“the fundamental determination of conservatives to re-create the society of their imagination, where Dad was large and in charge in every home, where Authority was rarely challenged in the classroom, the boardroom, or the bedroom, and where America itself was only wrong when it failed to fully exercise its righteous power.”

Personally, I prefer to think of America as filled with adults.  I found this to be a major difference between my view of Americans and conservatives view of their neighbors.  I think of my neighbors as hard working and honest.  Conservatives seem to have a need to see Americans as lazy and sinful.

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