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Ciudad Rodrigo 2019

Monday, January 2nd, 2023

After leaving Porto we drove to Salamanca. Along the way we stopped in Ciudad Rodrigo for sandwiches and a walk around the ramparts. The Old Town sits atop a defensive hill top with a unobstructed view of the valley below. The guide books call the wall “Medieval.” I am sure the walls rest on a […]

Sagres 2019

Sunday, January 1st, 2023

Cordoba Mezquita Cathedral

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

The highlight of Cordoba is the Mosque-Cathedral Monument. It is a unique experience. When the Spanish conquered the city, they converted the mosque into a church. In 1523 a cathedral was built into the mosque. 20,000 person could worship in the mosque. the Moorish city itself was more populated and luxurious in Paris. The video […]

Sevilla Mussels

Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

Sevilla 2019

Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

Sevilla is Spain’s second most elegant city. Nothing tops Barcelona. Our apartment was among the tiny streets of the old city and a 5 minute walk to the Cathedral and @Royal Alcázar of Seville.


Friday, January 31st, 2020

Leaving Ronda we stop at the Pileta Paleolithic Cave Paintings at Benaojan. These painting were original 40,000 year old drawings. (No photography allowed inside.) We then made our way to Tarifa, a southern Spanish port city. It is about 1 hour west of Gibraltar. We used it as a base for Gibraltar and Tangier. These […]

Ronda Ravioli

Thursday, January 30th, 2020

Ronda Ratatouille

Sunday, January 26th, 2020

Spanish pimentos are amazing. Vibrant Color. Sweet taste. A few simple ingredients transform into a great meal.

Ronda, Spain 2019

Sunday, January 26th, 2020

The day started off well in Nerja. We woke, having packed the night before, and walked to the bus stop. We had an hour and enjoyed a coffee and croissant in the same park we ate our first lunch. The bus ride along the coast was picturesque. Arriving in Malaga we made a seem less […]

Pierna de Cordero Lechal, Nerja

Monday, January 13th, 2020

Lamb is another product more often found in an European grocery than one in the USA. This leg of lamb provided a nice center piece to our supper. The Nerja apartment had a true oven which made roasting it much easier. The trick with a European oven is to set the timer as well as […]

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