November 22, 2017

A New Hope

By Glenn

For myself and many others, the election of Donald marked a new low. Local events bring a New Hope.

Several years ago, a colleague and friend of mine was denied tenure by a previous Southeastern Administration. Her English Department faculty supported her application. Something happened beyond the reach and observation of the faculty, including myself. Rachel presented her case to a jury in Oklahoma and won.

OKLAHOMA CITY – A transgender professor whose tenure and promotion was denied at Southeastern Oklahoma State University has been awarded $1.1 million by a federal jury in a landmark Title VII case.’

This jury verdict is a BFD. Average Americans, not some “elite,” have the empathy within themselves to recognize that employment is based on merit, not sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

This criterion should be obvious in Higher Education. Our entire hiring and promotion process is founded on teaching, scholarship and service. Our current President, Sean Burrage, actually added protection for sexual orientation and gender identity to our handbook.

Rachel’s victory with a jury should be a warning that the future belongs to “Liberty and Justice for All.” It is a future in which All means All.

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