February 17, 2015

America is exceptional.

By Glenn

America is exceptional.  It was the first nation founded on science, separating church and state and social contract theory.  These ideals, while not actualized at first, allowed Americans to mature and grow.  These ideals provided a pathway to building Modern America with its large middle class and diverse population living in peace.

Today’s conservatives fear and hate Modern America. They want to return to the failed polices of the past.  They reject science as “just a theory” or simply “punt” when confronted directly with “tough questions.”  They insist that politicians, teachers and coaches control and lead prayer.  Conservatives reject the notion that We, the People of the United States of America, can expand liberty beyond traditional, divinely inspired limitations.

We must reclaim, proclaim and protect American Exceptionalism if we are to promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   We must insist on real history that teaches the successes of science, separating church and state and social contract theory as well as teaching the pain and suffering that steams from superstition, theocracy and blind obedience to tradition.   American exceptionalism means rejecting these mind numbingly, short sighted, anti-intellectual politicians who mean to tear down Modern America and replace it with a dystopian fantasy.

At a certain point moderate conservatives must step forward.  Will they?  Will they in time?   How much damage will be done before they say enough?

Fifty-one percentage of America has already made the choice.  Our Federal system and Electoral College, however, has placed great power in the hands of the far right.  It is up to the moderate conservatives to make a choice.  Destroy Modern America?  Embrace American Exceptionalism?

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