November 1, 2016

America Safe and Secure

By Glenn

I am the proud father of a son who serves in the United States Army, and the proud son of a father who served 27 years. I’ve thought many times about them not coming home to us. Any parent, or child, knows the feeling of waiting for their loved ones to return. When our family is deployed in overseas hotspots, our anxiety rises higher than anyone can imagine.

We, the voters of the United States of American, have a solemn duty not to pour fuel on any of those fires. Secretary Clinton has learned to take a cautious approach to overseas problems. Donald Trump can’t make it through a night without lashing out against his imaginary enemies on Twitter. We must have a steady hand on our rudder to navigate safely through troubled waters. Secretary Clinton is that steady hand. Donald can’t even keep his campaign from burning down from one day to the next.

Since the end of Second World War, presidents of both parties worked to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. It is a danger recognized around the world. As Secretary of State, Clinton rallied friend and foe alike to impose tough sanctions on Iran. Those sanctions forced Iran to give up its military nuclear program. Weapons inspectors have confirmed that Iran has dismantled its ability to produce nuclear bombs.

Trump wants to throw that all away and go it alone. He wants to abandon our allies and break America’s word. America, like any human, is only as good as its word. Trump has a business history of failing to keep his word. Unlike the deals he broke with his workers, going back on this deal could cost American lives.

To make matters worse, Donald has openly promoted Saudi Arabia having nuclear weapons. Does he even know who Saudi Arabia is? Saudi Arabia was the home of Osama Bin Laden and the terrorists who attacked America on 9-11. Could you imagine the destruction of a nuclear bomb detonated on American soil?

Secretary Clinton is committed to the bi-partisan agreement that the spread of nuclear weapons is bad for America. Our NATO allies agree. The Russians agree. The Chinese agree. The only people that don’t agree are Donald and the terrorists.

Secretary Clinton’s conservative approach to foreign policy extends to NATO. NATO has stood the test of time as our first line of defense against aggression. It has kept the peace in Europe since its founding in 1947. Rightfully, NATO has had bipartisan support. When terrorists attacked the United States on 9-11, our allies joined the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. They stayed by our side until President Barack Obama directed his death.

Trump on the other hand questions the value of NATO. Donald refuses to say whether or not he will defend our friends in Europe. This reckless talk puts our allies and troops at risk, opening the door to Russian expansion into central Europe. Over the decades Republicans and Democrats worked hard to limit Russia. Donald will throw all of the hard work away.

Secretary Clinton’s cautious approach to foreign policy is much like the ancient fable between the tortoise and the hare. The hare can jump out to an early lead, but the tortoise wins. When President George W. Bush rushed the nation into war with Iraq, then Senator Clinton gave him her support. She learned her lesson. As Secretary of State, Clinton followed the tortoise approach, working to reduce American troops deployed overseas. Today, we see those decision bear fruit as Iraqis, not Americans, fight to reclaim their country.

Donald has learned nothing since 9-11. He still wants to be the hare. He promises to pour gas on the Middle Eastern fire by torturing prisoners and stealing oil. How can Trump avoid the mistakes of history if he refuses to learn them? How will the rest of the world react when Trump abandons America’s values of decency and fair treatment? I refuse to put my son’s life at risk to such a man.

Our choice is clear. We can either vote for experience and consistency, or we can vote for ignorance and recklessness. The election result will determine which mothers and fathers, which sons and daughters, come home to their families.

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