January 20, 2020

An Actor Walked Away from a Character He Has Played Since Birth

By Glenn

For those having a hard time understanding the Kardashian 1.0 drama, AKA British Royal Family “divorce”, let me try. 

The Royal Family is a business, which owns property.  A long time ago the property started as a simple estate in Normandy.  To defend that estate the Duke had a private army.  When the House next door, England, became vacant, William the Bastard decided to expand and to add a second House.  Each of these Houses came with land and armies.  In other words, the government of England was the private property of the Crown just like real estate, roads and armies.

Over the centuries Parliament, first controlled by Nobles and then by Commoners, stripped the Crown of its political property.  500 years ago the Crown owned the Government; now the Government owns the Crown.   The Crown, however, still owns its “brand” or image, using it to make money for itself and the Government.  Popular Royals bring in more than unpopular Royals.

Dianna, William and Harry are extremely popular.  The Queen used them to build her brand.

Harry and his new bride, Meghan , want to leave the family business and start of business of their own.  As a brand, they don’t want to be limited by their grand mum or a government.  They want to be modern celebrities.  They want to earn money just like Royals—public appearances and speaking events—but adding “in your face” acting for money. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Royals have been acting for money for the last hundred years.  Just like Disney, the Royals play dress up, have parades and thrown grand parties for weddings and birthdays.  All of these events are captured on camera and drive up revenue for all involved.

So what is the big deal?  The Queen, the saintly old grandmother (at least the image she crafted) is scared her grandson, the dashing young prince will do something stupid on his own brand and ruin the family brand, “Royals.”  She does have a point.  Royals do tend to be stupid.  We Americans threw them away a long time ago. 

Like most good stories this all boils down to power and money.  The Queen has the power and the money.  She has used power and money to secure her family business.  The Queen didn’t mind hiring her grandson as long as he played the role she had cast him in.  Harry and Meghan want to set up their own studio, write their own drama and earn their own money. 

In other words, this is no divorce.  This is an actor walking away from a character he has played since birth.  Harry and Meagan want an expanded choice in roles.   They will never control the family movie studio.   Now, they can. Business is business after all.

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