June 25, 2020


By Glenn

In June 1944 Dwight Eisenhower faced a monumental choice.  He had to decide whether or not to risk lives of thousands of troops on the beaches of Normandy. He turned to the science of meteorology before making his decision.

Meteorology was still an adolescent science in 1944.  Necessity is the mother of invention, and the navy needed smooth sailing.  Ancient mariners simply watched the horizon for storm clouds.  Often the sighting was too late to save the crew.  The barometer improved their chances of survival.

At first the barometer settled in old philosophical argument. Did air have weight? The Greek philosopher Aristotle (c.350 BC) had said no. His answer was the authority until the 1600s.

Several Italians, including Galileo, reopened the debate. Each experimented with different instruments to measure air pressure. The debate was settled when scientists showed a link between elevation, or sea level, and air pressure. Air pressure was higher at sea level because more air rested above the instrument.  Air had weight.

By 1800, scientists learned that a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure preceded a storm. Seamen and farmers found this useful. Advanced warning saves lives and profits. Many of us now watch the morning weather to plan our day. The science is not perfect, but it is useful.

Eisenhower understood meteorologist limitations, and yet, he placed thousands of lives in the hands of scientists. They told him it would be calm enough to land. The successful landing helped bring the Second World War to an end faster. Scientist saved lives.

Today, the epidemiologists are warning of a storm ahead. Like meteorology, the science of germs has advanced over the last 100 years. It can save both civilian and military lives. We spent billions of tax dollars to protect our communities.

For a few months, Donald Trump and Greg Abbott listened to the scientists. The Governor ordered Texans to stay at home, reducing the spread of COVID-19. All of that effort is about to be swept overboard.

Just over 50 days ago, Greg Abbott at Donald Trump’s urging, decided to ignore the epidemiologists. Like the early sailors, we have been sailing into a storm. The politicians say, “Look at those blue skies. The storm is a hoax.” COVID-19 is no hoax. On Monday June 22, Greg Abbott admitted “To state the obvious. COVID-19 is now spreading at an unacceptable rate in Texas, and it must be corralled.” Abbot, however, decided to do nothing to protect us.  It is every man, women and child for himself.  No lives matter.

Texas is sailing into a storm. The Governor of Texas read the barometer. He knew the scientific truth.  Instead of following the example of Eisenhower,  Abbot followed the lead of Donald.  Abbot is ignoring the science.  Are you ready to die on this beach? 


Since Monday, Abbot has taken a baby step and paused the reopening. We need more. Too little, Too late.

“Gov. Greg Abbott pauses Texas’ reopening, bans elective surgeries in four counties to preserve bed space for coronavirus patients”

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