January 31, 2020


By Glenn

Leaving Ronda we stop at the Pileta Paleolithic Cave Paintings at Benaojan. These painting were original 40,000 year old drawings. (No photography allowed inside.)

We then made our way to Tarifa, a southern Spanish port city. It is about 1 hour west of Gibraltar. We used it as a base for Gibraltar and Tangier. These two day trips meant we traveled to 4 countries this summer. The drive to Gibraltar was easy. After parking in Spain we crossed the border on foot and took a cable car up to the top. The walk back down showed the natural beauty of “The Rock” as well as its use as a fortress.

The next day we took a ferry ride across the Straight to Tangier. Thanks to a great tip from Ron and Gene Briggs, we purchased a “cultural guide” which brought use to the key sites. It also included a local meal.

Back in Tarifa, we relaxed at the beach and watched the sun set over the Atlantic.

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