March 20, 2017

Conservatism’s Great Betrayal

By Glenn

Rural America depends on Federal funding to supplement their budgets. Why? Because urban areas are more prosperous in the modern economy. Liberals recognized this fact during the New Deal and built programs to help. Ronald Reagan’s Conservative Revolution started tearing them down.

Donald Trump is trying to finish the job. He is a con man. He cannot tell the truth. Donald told voters it was “those people” that would suffer under his cuts. Now, the facts are disrupting his lies.

These stories are multiplying across the country.  Voters who thought “those other people are moochers” have found out the target is on their back.  They have discovered that the budget knife cuts to the bone.  Most federal social and economic  programs are very efficient and help our communities survive in good times and in bad.

“This is the country that elected Donald Trump,” said Garth Gardiner, driving a pickup across the 48,000-acre Angus beef ranch he runs with his two brothers. They lost about 500 cows in the fires. “I think he’d be doing himself a favor to come out and visit us.” …Emergency programs run by the federal Department of Agriculture — which is facing 21 percent cuts under Mr. Trump’s budget proposal — will help ranchers, up to a point. One provides up to $200,000 per rancher for replacing burned fences. Another offers up to $125,000 for livestock losses.

When voters elect politicians who run on an anti-government platform, it should come as no surprise that they can’t make government work.  This is the world Ayn Rand and Ronald Reagan birthed.

No segment of the population received government help more than rural America. They have been systemically destroying their communities and economies since the 1980s by voting for conservatives.
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