July 16, 2020

Conservative Apocalypse

By Glenn

Apocalypse means “to lift the veil.”   In an Apocalypse you can see behind the curtain.  Covid 19 has been an Apocalypse for conservatives.  Their reactions have shown us who they are and what they value.

In May, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said, “No one reached out to me and said, ‘As a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?’”  Patrick expected Americans over 50 to risk their lives for young people to go to work.

At the time calmer heads prevailed, taking steps to protect lives.  Unfortunately, that was short lived.  President Donald Trump, aided by armed protesters, terrorized local officials.  They demanded an end to the protections against Covid 19.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott quickly surrendered.

Donald’s Words vs. Covid’s Reality

Abbott released a phased reopening based on targets for the spreading virus.  Texas never met those targets.  Covid 19 spread fasted than any benchmark in the Governor’s plan.  Did Abbot correct his course? 

Abbott’s first instinct was to deny the science and moving full spread ahead.  He falsely claimed Texas had the pandemic under control.   Conservatives around the country bragged that they didn’t have to play by New York rules. 

Covid 19 has revealed that conservatives do not believe in science.  They proudly trust their gut and common sense.  Common sense said that Southern heat would kill the virus.  Ignoring science, however, has come at a terrible cost.

Tens of thousands of Texas are getting sick every day.  Texas hospitals, over flowing with patients, now turn away ambulances.  The death toll that had remained low with protective measures is climbing. 

Death is not the only consequence of appeasing Donald and armed terrorists.   The science is clear that thousands will suffer long-term heart, lung, liver and brain damage.  With so many Texans without health insurance, the financial burden will be just as devastating. 

Have conservatives learned for their mistakes?  No, they want to play double or nothing with our children’s lives.  US Senator John Cornyn recently said “We still don’t know whether children can get it and transmit it to others.”  Wrong.  There have been 53 child cases of Covid 19 in Grayson alone.

Parents of dead children know this.  Doctors know.  Why is Cornyn casting doubt on the dangers of Covid 19?  He wants schools to reopen to free parents to go back to unsafe work environments.  Opening schools puts the life and health of children and teachers at risk.

Covid 19 has been an Apocalypse for conservatives.  We get to see behind the curtain.  Conservatives do not value life: young or old.  They value money above all else, a Golden Calf. 

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