November 10, 2011

Conservative Culture of Denial

By Glenn

I have no idea about what Herman Cain did or didn’t do, but Conservatives pundits and politicians are making an absurd argument about the law and morals.

Dahlia Lithwick documents their insistence that sexual harassment does NOT exist.  In other words, Cain can’t be guilty because sexual harassment; sexual harrassment is simply a liberal conspiracy and can NEVER happen.  Read it and weep.  Former Senator Fred Thompson actually says it’s a “sexual-harassment scam.”

My question to Conservatives is simple: does sexual harassment exist or is it a scam? All these these prominent conservatives are saying it is fake.  Conservationism has degenerated into “society is faking it.”  Teacher don’t teach.  Vets fake PTSD.  Scientists are lying about global warming and evolution.  The unemployed are simply lazy.

Now, I’m told by not one but a whole range of conservatives that woman are greedy and simply can’t take a compliment.  Reaching up a woman’s skirt is a compliment. Isn’t it?

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