April 21, 2020

Covid 19 is Deadly

By Glenn

How do we”known” Covid 19 is deadly? How do we “know” a virus running wild through the population would cripple hospitals and schools? Because it is happening.

Covid 19 spreads for two weeks before it is detected. It spreads easily and it kills easily.

Look at the differences between historical trends in deaths per week compared to this year. In normal years, people die at fairly regular rates. Each country may have its own pattern, patterns exists.

Now, look at 2020. Covid 19 deaths are UNDER-REPORTED, not overblown. Does it look like a hoax we can afford to ignore?

“These numbers undermine the notion that many people who have died from the virus may soon have died anyway. In Paris, more than twice the usual number of people have died each day, far more than the peak of a bad flu season. In New York City, the number is now four times the normal amount.”

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