August 26, 2021

Covid: Think Globally, Active Locally

By Glenn

I don’t know about you, but I started off my summer with hope.  Together—united as one nation–we had turned the corner on Covid 19.  The experts were right.  Masks and physical distancing saved lives and bought time for many of us to get vaccinated.

In June, however, conservative politicians decided it was time to surrender.  They cut and ran from good public policy.  They inflamed their followers to reject the common good and embrace selfish behavior.

Conservative politicians resumed a tried and true technique.  They created doubt, fear and rebellion.  This technique worked to delay anti-tobacco legislature.  It worked to delay environmental legislation.  It worked to delay equal rights legislation.

Politicians like Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and Ken Paxton launched a coordinated attack on the defense of America from a deadly disease.  Through a series of executive orders and frivolous lawsuits, they stripped local governments of their life saving powers.

The results were predictable.  The vaccination rate slowed to a trickle.  The public abandoned masks. Large numbers of Americans started gather in poorly ventilated indoor spaces.

These behaviors created ideal conditions to reignite Covid 19.  Positive cases increased.  Hospital beds filled.  Now, Texas has ordered more mortuary trailers to handle the overflow of dead bodies.

Last week I saw a ray of hope.  Once hesitate Americans are changing their mind about the vaccines.  The vaccinate rate is again climbing.  Unfortunately, it is climbing slower in conservative areas of the country like Texas.

Liberal politicians are encouraging their supporter to follow the sciences.  More and more of them are getting the vaccine.  States will liberal governments are literally saving lives. 

This is not happening as quickly in Red states.  For example, when The Loser of the last presidential election traveled to Alabama for a rally, he tried to promote vaccines.  The crowd booed.  Instead of taking the vaccine, people in these states are taking cow and horse pills to prove they aren’t “sheep.”

My hope comes from local School Boards and County Judges.  They have challenge Abbott’s, Patrick’s, and Paxton’s big government policies.  Abbot, Patrick, and Paxton abused the power of the state to tie the hands of local officials. 

Local leaders have had enough.  They are tired of watching the failed policies spread sickness and death.  They are tired of bus driver shortages, nursing shortages, and waiter shortages.  Workers, student and diners have a right to a safe work environment.

These local actions give me hope.  The public is demanding action.  Real leaders listen.  We can have a safer community soon if we launch a counter offensive now.

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