September 3, 2020

Donald's Deception

By Glenn

Teresa Horn from Tahlequah Oklahoma died on August 28.  Four days early she tested positive for Covid 19.  Four days before that she was teaching class.  She had taught Special Education for 26 years.  

The Center for Disease Control reported this week a total of 183,000 deaths.  Teresa Horn’s death will add to that number.  Do you care?  Or do you think Donald Trump is right to say “It is what it is”?

“Our death rate is currently 2.7 per million, compared to an average of about 0.1 per million throughout Europe. If the US had followed Europe’s lead, our total COVID-19 deaths would be about 30 per day instead of the 1,000 per day we’re currently experiencing.” Kevin Drum

On Monday, Donald continued his deception campaign.  Instead of taking responsibility and protecting lives, he shared a false conspiracy theory about Covid deaths.  Donald is down playing deaths like Teresa Horn’s.

Mrs. Horn had a heart problem.  Millions of Americans have heart, lung or kidney problems.  You might even have one. When the CDC reports deaths, it includes Covid as well as other health issues.  This information helps healthcare professionals identify Americans at risk of dying from Covid 19.

Conservatives are exploiting this transparency for political gain and putting American lives at risks.   They falsely assert that only 6% of the 183,000 deaths are due to Covid.  They lie, claiming all the other deaths were other causes.

Teresa Horn died because of Covid 19.   It stressed her heart, and she died quickly after contracting the disease.  She did not die because of heart disease.  She had heart disease and lived with it.  Covid killed her.

Why is Donald Trump spreading these lies?  He wants you to believe that Covid 19 is a Democratic hoax.  At a campaign rally on Feb. 28, 2020, he said “this is their new hoax.”  At every stage of this crisis Donald has put his own political career above American lives.

Donald’s recklessness was on full display during the Republican National convention.  He demanded hundreds of people gather with him in person.  They sat shoulder to shoulder without masks.   What kind of leadership is this? 

Teachers like Teresa Horn face hundreds of kids every day.  The potential for spreading the virus are high.  Do we really want our teachers, parents and children following the example of Donald Trump?

We all know his professional and private life is a train wreck.  He bankrupted multiple casinos even though the odds were stacked in his favor.  Donald Trump bragged that he raped married women. 

When he ran for office Donald paid a porn-star, Stormy Daniels, to keep quiet.   In August of this year a Federal Judge ordered him to pay her legal fees associated with an invalid Non-Disclosure agreement.

Our teachers and our children deserve better.  Americans deserve a President that will take National Security and public health seriously.  183,000 Americans have died.  Do their lives matter to you?  Donald is just going to play through.

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