April 13, 2023

Getting Away With Murder

By Glenn

On July 25 2022, Daniel Perry shot and killed Garret Foster.  Perry went to trial, and a jury of his peers found him guilty of murder.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants this murderer to walk free.

Foster had been part of a lawful assembly in Austin.  He was speaking out against government brutality.  He legally carried a AK47-style rifle.

Perry was also legally driving in Austin while working for Uber.  He turned his car into the protesters.  This action was similar to the driver in Charlottesville, Virginia.  During that protest, James Fields Jr. used his car to murder participants.

Politicians like Congressman Pat Fallon tried to justify the Charlottesville’s murder.  At the time of the murder, Fallon served as a Texas Representative.  He introduced legislation in Austin would have legalized running over protestors.

Fallon wrote “A person operating a motor vehicle who injures another person with the motor vehicle is not liable for the injury if, at the time of the injury: (1)  the person operating the motor vehicle was exercising due care; and (2)  the person injured was blocking traffic in a public right-of-way while participating in a protest or demonstration.”

This extremist legislation failed, but support for murdering protestors is still popular among conservatives.  When Kyle Rittenhouse killed a protestor in Kenosha, Wisconsin, he instantly became a conservative celebrity, and he convinced a jury to acquit him.

The July 25 2022 incident combines both aspects of the Charlottesville and Kenosha killings.   Perry did not use his car to attack; instead, he used his own gun to kill Foster without leaving his vehicle.  Perry, like Rittenhouse, claimed that he shot because he feared for his life.

Clay Jones / claytoonz.com

The Texas jury, however, decided Perry was not justified and convicted him of murder.  Both prosecutors and defense attorneys presented their case. The jury believed the prosecution beyond a reasonable doubt.

One of the key pieces of evidence was Perry’s own words.  Even though he did not take the stand in his own defense, he did write about preparing to go to downtown Austin.  USA Today reported on Perry’s social media posts. 

Perry wrote he might “kill a few people on my way to work. They are rioting outside my apartment complex.” Later, his friend asked, “Can you legally do so?” Perry replied, “If they attack me or try to pull me out of my car then yes.”

Governor Greg Abbott and Congressman Pat Fallon are promoting this type of lawless behavior.  They are turning our streets in Afghanistan.  Abbott and Fallon want Americans to solve their problems with guns and violence.

As Americans we know better.  Our history shows that Civil War and Civil Rights violence delayed reconciliation and progress.  Abbott’s pardon of this murderer would encourage more gun violence. Is this the kind of leadership you want?

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