November 19, 2011

Getting to 50.1%

By Glenn

A friend posed the following question.  “Shaking off the horserace mentality for the moment: does anyone know how the GOP candidate policy positions poll, versus the Obama record & likely campaign platform? Put simply, are these people speaking to the 51%?

Here is how it see it. These candidates are like the local activist who wants to replace evolution with creationism in the science curriculum.

Most people like this are smart enough to keep the agenda quiet. They speak in code and generalities, that have double meanings. Once elected they probe until the find the right moment to push.

Others, however, are convinced by their pastor (Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck) that the majority of Americans really do want creationism taught as science and only a small number of God hating libruls stand in the way of God’s holy truth. These people aren’t afraid to speak their mind freely. They opening push right from the start to radically alter the curriculum.

The first group, like George W. Bush, get elected. When asked about abortion and the Supreme Court, Bush said that he would not make the same mistake as Dred Scott. “Dred Scott,” pundits asked? Believers didn’t have to ask; they knew W just said life begins at conception and he would appoint strict constructionist judges to over turn Roe. For everyone else, Bush spoke gibberish but nothing really frightening. PS “strict constructionist” also appeals to the racists, but that’s another story.

Today’s Republican candidates, except the old Romney, are the local school board candidates who openly campaigning to replace science with faith. The chances of this winning are slim. When Mississippi voters were offered an up or down vote on “Dred Scott,” they chose the ambivalence of “Roe” by an overwhelming margin.

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