October 1, 2020

Healthcare Peril

By Glenn

If we learned anything over the last 7 months, it is that Donald Trump would make a horrible healthcare provider.  Imagine asking him if you had cancer.  Donald would lie to keep you from panicking.  Contrary to the fact that quick treatment could save your life.  Covid 19 has killed more than 200,000 Americans.

Who was Donald trying to save?  You?  Or himself?

To make matters worse, Donald has sued in federal courts to strip your healthcare protections.  President Obama and Vice President Biden worked with a Democratic Congress to protect you from discrimination.

Prior to the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, insurance companies made money by denying coverage based on a pre-existing condition.  Being a woman was an automatic preexisting condition, and  insurance companies charged them more.  Diabetes?  Preexisting.   High blood pressure? Preexisting.  Obesity? Preexisting.

ObamaCare protected you from corporate greed.  Donald has sued to remove those protections.  The Supreme Court is set to take up the case right after the election.  Conservative justices have a habit of siding with corporate interests over the consumer. 

Also on the chopping block are stronger Medicare fraud investigations.  Since ObamaCare took effect, the anti-fraud program recovered billions of stolen tax dollars.  Donald’s federal law suit defunds these law enforcement efforts.   The looting of Medicare will resume.

What are the chances of returning to the “Good ol’days”?  Well, that depends. 

Donald has nominated a fierce champion of corporate rights to the Supreme Court.  Amy Coney Barrett has protected cooperate rights to discriminate based on age, protected corporate rights to mislead consumers and protected corporate rights to practice predatory debt collection.   In August, Barrett sided with Uber against workers demanding overtime payments for work done.

As a member of the Supreme Court will she side with Donald and the insurance companies or the America people?

By nominating Barret, Donald also plots to strip women of their basic right to make healthcare decisions.  States’ already have the authority to restrict abortions as long as they don’t endanger the life and health of the mother.  Both Donald and Barret want to strip away a pregnant woman’s right to self-defense. 

Pregnancy is one of the most dangerous times in a woman’s life.  If Donald and Barret prevail, then politicians like Donald will make healthcare decisions for women.   Based on his handling of Covid 19 will women die like before Roe v. Wade?   Do you trust Donald with your life?  

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