January 28, 2021

I apologize

By Glenn

I’ve been involved in public politics for more than 20 years now. Criticism and disagreements are all part of the process. Often it is just name calling without any substance. 

Every once in a while, I will get a comment that makes me stop and think a little bit more. The following letter did just that. The author criticized my comparison Donald Trump to a Carnival Barker. 

Take a look:

“An article from Jan. 8, 2021… (compares) a carnival barker— lies (and) intent to deceive (with) Donald Trump. Our president Biden had made the same error in comparing Donald Trump to a carnival worker. I have been in the carnival industry for 30 plus years and I have… to make money. I neither lie, deceive or cheer people. And find it a personal attack of my integrity. The carnival industry, as a whole, has for decades now has been trying to repair the image from the past. Owners, industry associations and carnival professionals like myself who love the industry work hard and diligently to maintain a safe fun family experience full of good memories and a desire to attend again next year and if course generate revenue for the local organization sponsoring the event. Dress codes of conduct and caps on customer spending in games are just a few of the policies set by the majority of carnivals. Another example of discrimination. It happens to us all.”

After careful consideration, I need to apologize to people who work in carnivals. They have worked hard to overcome stereotypes.  They are hard-working Americans trying to earn a living. 

While like all professions, they may have a few bad apples, it was wrong for me to stereotype them.   Comparing them to Donald Trump was even worse.

Donald Trump bragged about raping married women.  He paid hush money to hide cheating on his wife.  He bankrupted multiple casinos and threw tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires.  

Donald spent much of his time occupying the White House doing nothing at all.   He woke up every day, watched Fox News and twitted lies and nonsense.  As the day progressed he headed to the golf course on the tax payers dime, or more accurately millions of dollars. 

So yes, I need to apologize to the hard working men and women of the carnival industry. I used an outdated stereotype to illustrate a point. In the process I wrongly projected Donald Trump’s behavior on to you.

I am sorry.

Your hard work and dedication should never have been compared to the a morally, intellectually and financially bankrupt person like Donald Trump. I wish you well in the future. 

Granada Spain
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