March 7, 2020

Keep Calm and Tell the Truth.

By Glenn

Lies, not the truth, cause mass panic and paranoia. If the Chinese Communists had been open to the truth, the world would be a better place. At first, it tried to punish the dissenters. Only reluctantly did it decide to face reality.

Dissent created the Modern World. Martin Luther, Copernicus, Voltaire, Wollstonecraft, Darwin, Plessy, Carson, King and Milk. Societies that have embraced, and encouraged, dissent have done much better than those that stifle it.

The Right to Dissent is enshrined in our Constitution. Every phrase of the First Amendment celebrates the various methods for dissenting: speaking, writing, assembling and worshiping. Dissent is essential to a free and prosperous society.

Donald Trump rejects these truths that we hold self evident. Donald lies. When he gets caught in a lie, he lies again. Anyone who dissents is punished, fired. At his rallies, he regularly laments for the Good Ol’ Days when the majority could physically abuse dissenters.

Donald is not alone. His entire Conservative base has joined him in his web of lies. Conservative media helps him create the threads and weave his web of lies.

We need to restore the value of Dissent. It is the only path forward. Dissent keeps the powerful in check. Dissent restores balance to society. Dissent is a skill that quality education teaches in Science, History, Math and English classes.

Dissent values the truth over official lies. The truth is the only path forward. Real leaders tell the truth and value dissent.

Keep Calm and Tell the Truth.

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