January 1, 2023

Lisbon 2019

By Glenn

As we left Sagres, Jackie decided she need to feed the local donkeys. Leaving was much less stressful than arriving. I was ready for the tiny roads. Our apartment was on a step incline. Thankfully, we had garage parking. The area to navigate in and out, however, was not the most spacious. We rarely spent time indoors. Rick Steves had planned several walking tours. They were a great way to see the architecture and minimize the walks uphill. Everywhere at the top had a view. Avenida da Liberdade is a grande way that is a luxurious stroll. It was not far from the apartment and provided a lovely stroll at night as well as from and to the apartment. On day two, we rode a cable car to the other overlook of Lisbon. The city itself is nestled in a steep valley. Riding up make the walk down better than the reverse.

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