December 19, 2018

MAGA? Seriously?

By Glenn

Conservatives, are you really OK with this?

1) Donald’s National Security Advisor plead guilty to working as a foreign agent while in the White House and then lied to the FBI.

2) Donald signed a letter of intent to build a tower in Moscow while a candidate.

3) Donald’s fake charity had to dissolve because it illegally funneled money to his campaign and family.

This was yesterday. One day.

Wow, just wow.

“The largest donation in the charity’s history — a $264,231 gift to the Central Park Conservancy in 1989 — appeared to benefit Trump’s business: It paid to restore a fountain outside Trump’s Plaza Hotel. The smallest, a $7 foundation gift to the Boy Scouts that same year, appeared to benefit Trump’s family. It matched the amount required to enroll a boy in the Scouts the year that his son Donald Trump Jr. was 11.”

How broke is Donald if he can’t pay for BSA?  Oh look, we found an email!

“In 2016, state investigators allege, Trump effectively “ceded control” of his charity to his political campaign. He raised more than $2 million at a fundraiser in Iowa that flowed into the foundation. Then, the state said, Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski determined when and where it would be given away.”

“Is there any way we can make some disbursements . . . this week while in Iowa?” Lewandowski wrote in an email cited in Underwood’s lawsuit.

Can you say bribe?

Giuliani’s claim is incorrect. It turns out Trump himself signed the letter of intent, which is dated October 28, 2015 — five months after Trump launched his presidential campaign, and during a period in which he was lavishing praise on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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