March 23, 2018

Modern Conservatism: fiscally, morally and socially bankrupt

By Glenn

One more time. If you consider yourself a conservative, fine. You need to know that Donald Trump is the embodiment of Modern Conservatism. He is vulgar. He is anti intellectual. He is a bully. He is fiscally, morally and socially bankrupt.

You can see the same conservatism in action if you look at the Red States: Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Kansas etc. Modern conservatism has worshiped the selfishness of Ayn Rand and could care less about the common good. Everything is predicated toward the Will to Power.

If you want change, then you better hold your nose and vote for a Democrat. If you want more of this foolishness, then vote for these proud sociopaths.

Our public schools, our veterans, our Social Security, our Medicare and our safety all hang in the balance.

“So long as Republicans hold the congressional majority, they will not act to meaningfully constrain, or even oversee, the president. That choice represents an epic gamble for November—and beyond.”

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