July 6, 2016

Nixon, Hillary and Watergate

By Glenn
Over the last few days I have heard that false claim that the coverup is worse than the crime. This of course refers to Nixon and Watergate. It is based on the ignorance of what Nixon did.
Nixon used the government to conduct searches without judicial approval. This behavior is a clear violation of the Constitution. Why conservatives are determined to support this behavior is beyond me.
Why would Nixon violate his oath of office? It is also pretty clear that Nixon conspired with N Vietnam to prolong the war in 1968. RR Rostow believed that Nixon was searching for the evidence in 1972. Hence, Watergate was inspired by the desire to coverup the fact that Nixon worked with an enemy of the USA to prolong a war for political purposes.
You can read the documents for yourself here.
Which is worse?  Conspiracy? Or covering up conspiracy?
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