May 24, 2017

Not My President?

By Glenn

No, I do not use that phrase.  I do understand why some might.  Donald has done nothing to reach out beyond his own supporters.  Instead he does the opposite, going out of his way to sow the seeds of discord throughout our society.  His lying words about Mexicans and Muslims make my stomach turn.  His policies tear apart families and communities.

In short, Donald disparages every one of my core values.

No society can survive without fidelity to the truth.  Before his trip overseas, he was averaging at least two major lies a day.  He seems to think his word is the truth.  He says it.  He believes it.  Therefore it’s true.

He has no respect for expertise, famously saying “I know more than the generals.”  No he does not.  He makes no effort to learn from others.   Learning from others, particularly valuing the specialization of knowledge, is a human hallmark.  During the Renaissance, the revival of the Liberal Arts made the West an exceptional place.  Modern Math, Science, History and Literature were born.

The Renaissance also triggered the rise of humanism, the belief that every human has dignity and can improve their situation.  Human dignity is the foundation of compassion.  A well-functioning society requires compassion, especially for the least of these.  Once again, Donald’s policies punish the weak and coddle the powerful.  Just look at his fraudulent budget which takes Medicaid away to relieve the suffering of millionaires and billionaires.

Overseas Donald’s reckless foreign policy has alienated our closest allies in NATO.  He is abandoning bipartisan commitments to international law and cooperation.  Just as no man is an island, neither is any nation.  We are stronger and more secure working with partners who share our values of human rights, freedom of the mind and diversity.

Thus, I have nothing in common with him.  He is the embodiment of Ayn Rand’s objectivism, an ideology that glorifies selfishness and greed while ridiculing sacrifice and sharing. Donald is the most destructive President since James Buchanan.

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