October 18, 2012

Obama, Debt and History

By Glenn

Obama is not perfect, but we have 4000 years of human civilization to tell us he is on the right side. No society, including the Soviet Union, had a hard time making sure a few people are rich and powerful. Only Liberal American (1932-1968) and those Nasty European Social Democracies found a way to allow a few to get rich while the many climbed out of poverty.

Here are the facts.

1) We had no debt problem until conservative voters elected Ronald Reagan.

2) Two moderates George H. Bush and Bill Clinton put us back on track to fix the problem.

3) Conservative voters rejected that fix and unraveled it by electing George W. Bush.

Excuse me if I don’t trust the judgment of conservative pundits, politicians and voters. When it comes to debt they simply lack any credibility what so ever.

If anyone has data, no assertions, showing that Reagan or W made this better, i.e. Before < After, I would love to see it.

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