June 29, 2012

ObamaCare expands Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness

By Glenn

Eddie is a historian and a good friend of mine. He wrote about what Obamacare means for him and his family.

“One more reason I favor the Affordable Care Act: Lanetta, my beautiful, wonderful bride of 26 years, will at some time in the future need a double lung transplant. Our insurance has a life-time maximum. It very well might not cover the transplant and fairly certain ly not all of the follow-up. This is a personal issue to me and many others. Repeal the law and you may well be signing the death certificate of many people.”

What Eddie didn’t say was that he is a good scholar, but when he wife was diagnosed he was no longer FREE to change jobs. Lanetta had a preexisting condition and if Eddie changed jobs she would have lost coverage all together. Now, millions of individuals like Eddie and Lanetta are free to choose their future. That is real freedom. May they have many more happy years together.

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