December 30, 2021

Old Question, Same Answer

By Glenn

One of the first stories in the Bible recounts the relationship between Cain and his younger brother Abel.  Cain famously killed Able because God praised Abel’s gifts.

After the killing, God asked Cain where to find Abel.  Cain angrily replied “Am I my brother’s keeper?”,_1608-1609.jpg

We never get a direct answer to that question. There should be no doubt, however, the answer is “Yes.”

Not only does God curse Cain, but story after story in the Bible expands the themes of mercy and compassion.  In the Gospel of Luke a rich man found himself in torment after death while Lazarus found salvation at the side of Abraham.

Like many of us, the rich man found this situation shocking.   He expected his blessings in this life to translate into blessings in the next.  

Instead the rich man learned that his mistreatment of Lazarus earned him a spot in hell.  Lazarus wasn’t even his brother. Lazarus was simply a neighbor.

The moral of the story is clear.  Not only are we our brother’s keeper, but we have a moral responsibility to look out for our neighbor.

This ancient advice would serve many today.  Experts are warning us that Covid 19 is once again spreading sickness and death through our neighborhoods.

We can help slow the spread, keeping our neighbors healthy and alive, by taking some simple precautions.

We should get vaccinated.  We should wear a mask.  We should keep physically distant.

Yes, these behaviors require small sacrifices on our part, but they will make us safer.  I have no problem making them.

I have no problem saying that I am my brother’s keeper.  I can either make small sacrifices now or make much bigger sacrifices later.

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