April 8, 2021

Remodeling Our Home

By Glenn

Not many things are more exciting, or frightening, than buying a new home.  With it comes both freedom and responsibility.  The owner has the freedom to change it at will but also must pay for the maintenance and repair.

We’ve owned this particular house in Sherman for about twenty years.  When we moved into it, we painted all the rooms and swapped out a few appliances.

Periodically, I’ve made minor repairs to toilets, light fixtures and locks.  Twice, I’ve taken on big projects remodeling a spare bathroom and bedroom.

For bigger projects I hire professionals.  This year we had a couple of major projects.  The AC compressor failed, the washing machine bearings wore out, and the glass stove top shattered.

In each case Jackie and I built back better.  The AC is better.  The washing machine is better.  The stove top is better.

If we ran our house the way conservatives run government, we wouldn’t have built back at all.  We would just let it gradually fail.

For the past forty years, America and Texas has struggled with basic maintenance and repair.  Conservatives prefer cheap fixes to better solutions.  We pay a steeper price, however, when our electricity and water systems fail.

Now, we have an opportunity to maintain and repair our home—the United States of America.  President Biden has proposed a bold infrastructure plan to upgrade road, bridges, electrical bridges, water systems and schools.

President Biden also wants us to expand new technologies.  Over the past year, many of us have needed faster internet or broadband to connect to work or school.  Some local business lost money because customers couldn’t connect to their store or service.

To pay for these projects, President Biden wants corporations and individuals earning more than 400,000 to pay more taxes.  Both received multiple tax cuts over the last 40 years of conservative rule.  Now is the time for them to pay their fair share.

We have seen our taxes increase year after year while the quality of our services suffers.  America needs maintenance and repair.  It has been neglected for far too long time.

The question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you want to watch America slowly fall apart.  More electrical failures.  More  water failures.  Less opportunity for small business to compete.  Personally, I have the experience with my home to know it is wiser to build back better.

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