October 30, 2020

Samuel Paty

By Glenn

“Depuis la cour de la Sorbonne, lieu historique de l’enseignement universitaire français, le président de la République Emmanuel Macron a rendu un hommage national au professeur Samuel Paty.” Publié le 21 octobre 2020 Translation by Google

A religious fundamentalist assassinated Samuel Paty for sharing satirical cartoons with his class. Satirical expression is an essential feature of “The West.” It has allowed us to challenge the absurdities of tradition and authority.

Je suis Samuel Paty

French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a moving homage to Professor Paty. I don’t always agree with Macron’s public policies, but he understands republican values.


Samuel PATY was passionately fond of teaching and he did so well in several colleges and high schools including that of Conflans-Saint-Honorine. We all have anchored in our hearts, in our memories, the memory of a teacher who changed the course of our lives. You know, this teacher who taught us to read, to count, to trust us. This teacher who not only taught us a knowledge but opened a path for us by a book, a look, by his consideration.

Samuel PATY was one of these, of those teachers who will not be forgotten, of these enthusiasts able to spend nights learning the history of religions in order to better understand his students and their beliefs. Of these humble people who questioned themselves a thousand times, as for this course on freedom of expression and freedom of conscience that he had been preparing since July again last summer in Moulins by your side and the doubts he shared through requirement, out of delicacy.

Samuel PATY basically embodied the teacher that JAURÈS dreamed of in this letter to teachers which has just been read: “firmness united with tenderness”. He who shows the greatness of thought, teaches respect, shows what civilization is.

The one who made it his business to “make republicans.”

So, the words of Ferdinand BUISSON come back as if they were echoed. think for himself, that he owes neither faith nor obedience to anyone, that it is up to him to seek the truth and not to receive it ready-made from a master, a director, a leader, whoever he is “” To make republicans “, that was the fight of Samuel PATY.

And while this task today may seem daunting, especially where violence, intimidation, sometimes resignation takes precedence, it is more essential, more topical, than ever. Here in France, we love our Nation, its geography, its landscapes and its history, its culture and its metamorphoses, its spirit and its heart. And we want to teach it to all of our children.

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