October 22, 2020

Shut Down This Circus

By Glenn

Like a Carnival Barker, Donald Trump is a master of exaggeration and misrepresentation.  It is a great quality for someone trying to sell a lie.  It is a horrible quality for a public servant.

In the closing days of the campaign Donald is selling a whooper.  We’ve “rounded the corner” on Covid 19.  We may have rounded the corner, but he has turned America in the wrong direction.

After making progress in July to reduce infections, starting in September, the number of cases increased again.  By Election Day, Americans will be getting sick and dying like they were last Spring.  

Instead of accepting responsibility, Donald Trump has turned his fire toward the scientists and Dr. Anthony Fauci.  At the start of the pandemic, Dr. Fauci asked Americans not to buy or steal surgical masks.  Front-line healthcare professionals needed them.

Since that time, scientific studies have shown that simple, inexpensive cloth masks slow the spread of Covid 19.  Much like covering our mouths when we cough, or covering our nose when we sneeze, cloth masks reduce our chance of infecting others. 

Rejecting the science that saves American lives, Donald is mocking the scientists for adapting to changing circumstance.   Science is doing what it does best, telling us the truth.  Donald is doing what he does best, exaggerating and misrepresenting.

Donald did the same thing when he said Mexico would pay for his wasteful wall.  Ignoring the fact that most undocumented residence flew to America on a plane or used another legal point of entry, he used fear of Mexico to build support.  He famously said “Mexico will pay for the wall.”

It has not.  Donald diverted funds from the Department of Defense.  Congress had approved funding for base schools and National Guard and Reserve equipment.  The children of our Troops and local first responders paid for the wasteful wall, not Mexico.  

Donald has release a new and improved version of this exaggeration and misrepresentation.  With Senate Republicans blocking the Democrats’ effort to provide a pandemic relief package, Donald now claims he has a bigger package.  On top of that he barks “China will pay for it.”

Does anyone believe this fantasy?  Donald made a similar false claim about his trade war.  His tariffs have added over $2000 in new taxes on American families, not China.

How can anyone forget his 2016 campaign promise?  “I won’t be playing golf.”  Before the pandemic hit hard in February, Donald had already spent $133.8 million of our money to play at Mar-a-Lago.

Where are the conservatives?  Republicans like John Ratcliff praised Donald and won a promotion.  Others, like John Cornyn, stay silent and hope you don’t notice.  In two weeks we find out if voters will shut down this circus.  

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