December 17, 2020

State of Denial

By Glenn

I thought that we lived in the state of Texas.  Looking at Republican politicians, we must live in the state of denial.  Joe Biden won 306 Electoral College votes and 81,283,495 individual votes. 

Joe Biden easily won the Presidency.  There is no doubt.  Even Republicans in the states Biden won, say Biden won.  No lawsuit presented facts to challenge that Joe Biden won.

Republican election officials confirm Joe Biden won.  Republican governors confirm Joe Biden won.  Republican judges confirm Joe Biden’s victory was legal under the Constitution of the United States of America.

At the beginning of December United States Attorney General Willian Barr said “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

Texas Republican politicians, however, are in a state of denial. 

Misleading the way has been Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.  Paxton is infamous because he is currently under a federal felony indictment that could land him in prison.  He is accused of misleading investors by failing to disclose he would benefit personally from their investments.

Something similar happened with his frivolous lawsuit against Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania .  In each state the loser in the Presidential election sued to overturn the votes counted.  The loser never provided any evidence under oath.

The oath is a linchpin of our judicial system.  It is one thing to lie on Fox News or One America Network, but it is illegal to lie to a judge.  The loser’s attorneys refused to lie in court the way Rudy Giuliani lied on television.  They simply had no evidence.

When Ken Paxton filed his suit to overturn the election results, he knew these facts.  He simply didn’t care.  He abused his office by filing a frivolous lawsuit in the United States Supreme Court.   Paxton lacked any evidence, new or old.   

To no one’s surprise, the US Supreme Court refused to even hear the case.  It wrote, “Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections.”    That is a fancy way of saying Paxton made no sense.

Well, someone was surprised.  Allen West, a confessed war criminal and Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, was.   He even pondered if it were time for Texas and other states to leave the United States of America and form a new country.

Allen West, self confessed war criminal, asks if Texas should leave the USA.

Do Texas voters really want Republican politicians to lead us out of America?  Is Texas really a state of denial?  Or is it a proud member of the United States of America?  I know my answer.  What is yours?

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