January 14, 2021

Tell The Truth

By Glenn

Now is a moment for strength, not weakness. Strength requires facing the truth. As the Good Book says, “Thou shall not bear false witness.”

On Jan. 6, domestic terrorists broke into the United States Capitol to stop the confirmation of the Electoral College vote. What we saw was disgusting.

Not since the Civil War has a political party fought against American democracy. After the armed rioters broke into the US Capitol, they drove both Houses from the floor, vandalized the building, placed bombs and killed a police officer. They wanted to overturn an American election. 

Minutes before the insurrection, the crowd had gathered to hear Donald Trump speak in front of the White House.In December, he had tweeted an invitation for them to come to Washington.Donald had told them to “to wild.”  His adoring minions dutifully organized. They told the attendees to prepare. They were going to “storm the Capitol.”

On Jan. 6, standing in front of the White House, Donald repeated the now familiar lie. He convinced the mob the pending vote in Congress was theft. The mob needed to “stop the steal.” Donald told them, “We’re going to walk down to the Capitol.”

Except he didn’t march. Donald ran to the safety of the White House while the crowd taunted police.  The mob was hell bent on capturing the United States Capitol. They pushed through law enforcement.  They beat police with bats, wrenches and even American flags.  The mob chanted, “Where is Pence?” as they carried zip ties, guns and nooses. It could have been worse.

There is no way to separate Trump-inspired violence from Trump’s election lies.  Trump invited the mob to Washington, riled them up with lies about the election and sent them to the Capitol to pressure Congress to overturn the election.  


But it wasn’t just that day. Since the election he and his Republican cohorts have been peddling the same lie of a fraudulent election. That has been unmasked as a lie by every court, by every Republican judge and official with authority over the vote.   

In 50 cases and more the courts from the US Supreme Court down has upheld the election as legal and binding. These facts did not matter. The lie incited the mob.

After the riot, William Barr, Donald’s Former Attorney General, said Trump was guilty of, “orchestrating a mob to pressure Congress” and his behavior was “betrayal of his office and supporters.”

A few responsible Republicans across the country have joined him. But Grayson County officials have not faced the truth.  Why choose to be on the wrong side of history? 

Grayson County Commissioners must stand up for what is right.  Until then, do they seriously want to teach our children to surrender to domestic terrorists?  Do more Americans have to die for Donald’s lies?

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