July 1, 2021

Vaccines are Pro Life

By Glenn

Since February, the United States of America has been making steady progress in the fight against Covid 19.  Public safety measures such as mask wearing and physical distancing slowed the spread of the virus.  We bought time for the development of several vaccines.

The vaccines are highly safe and effective.  Government and private researchers worked diligently to develop and test them.   Experience with other vaccines has taught us that side effects appear quickly and not over the long-term. 

With millions around the world taking the vaccines, scientists have a pretty good understanding about the benefits and the risks of each.  This information has been shared with doctors and public healthcare officials.

We now know that unvaccinated individuals risk death, hospitalization and long-term disability.   All of these could result in financial bankruptcy.  On the other hand, vaccination protects against death, hospitalization and long-term disability. 

Nearly every person dying or hospitalized has not had the vaccination. Everyone needs to talk to a trusted medical professional about this life saving treatment.

The time to act is now. 

In other parts of the world, the virus is mutating, or changing, faster than vaccinations.  A virus is a living organism.  Like all life, viruses evolve to survive and reproduce.  The Delta variant, which scientist first found in India, transmits faster and kills humans more effectively. 

The current vaccines protect against known variants.  This situation might not last.  As Covid 19 spreads and reproduces, there is always the possibility a more deadly strain will evolve.

The best way to solve the mutation problem is slowing the spread.  Not only have vaccines proven safe and effective at preventing death and serious illness, they have also broken the transmission chain from one human to another.

Scientists tell us the vaccination rate needs to be near 70%.  Unfortunately, there are still a significant number of our neighbors who deny the dangers of Covid and refuse to vaccinate themselves.

The vaccination rate across Texas is only 41%.  In Grayson County, the rate is worse.  Only 32% are fully vaccinated.  That is only half the recommended rate.

Please talk to your family and friends.  Covid 19 has killed over 600,000 Americans.  It is still killing 300 of our neighbors every day. 

Encourage them to seek medical advice from a professional.  It could be a life or death conversation.

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