July 15, 2021

Voting Preserves Our Republic

By Glenn

Voting is the life blood of a democracy.  Votes express the will of the many to direct the actions of the few.  Voting preserves our Republic. Restricting voting kills democracy.

Americans have struggled over the last 232 years to expand voting.  In the beginning, woman couldn’t vote.  Slaves couldn’t vote.  Men without property couldn’t vote.

The Founding Fathers simply didn’t trust the many to direct the few.  The Founders were the few men with property, and they weren’t going to allow the many without property to participate in government. 

This situation allowed slavery to continue. It allowed the few at the top to extract taxes from the many below them.  Limited voting meant property owners could abuse their workers.  It meant husbands could beat their wives and children.

Voting empowers the many to end the abuse of power. This is why Republicans are scared of voting.  They want the freedom to return to an abusive past. 

Voters want reliable energy.  The Texas government has the power to hold energy companies accountable.   Restricting voting means these companies will continue to abuse their customers.

Voters want a quality public education system.  The Texas government has the constitutional responsibility to provide one.   Restricting voting allows Republicans to continue their assault on our future.

Voters want affordable, accessible healthcare.  The Texas legislature has consistently refused to expand healthcare options.  Expanding Medicaid would help 1.4 million adults.

These are popular policies.  Republicans know when they lose, Texas will work for the many, not just the few.  Their donors are spending billions to prevent it.

Texas Democrats have chosen to defend your right to vote.  Members of Texas House traveled to Washington to demand federal protections.  The Right to Vote is guaranteed by the United States Constitution. 

Every America adult is created equal and has the right to vote. Congress must act to protect voting rights across America.  Politicians should not pick and choose their voters. 

In a Republic, voters choose their representatives.  An attack on voting is just as offense as the physical assault on the United States Capital.  It is time to defend the United States from these attacks.

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