July 18, 2012

When a Bain is a Bane

By Glenn

Why does Bain Capital matter? Romney has told us he will use the skills learned at Bain to make decisions as President. What did he learn? He learned that he could raid wealth created by workers, liquidate their pensions and then redistribute the wealth to his investors.

What are his plans as President? He will continue the Bush strategy of redistributing Social Security revenue to the top 2% as income tax cuts. Romney then will implement the Ryan plan that calls for privatizing Social Security and turning Medicare into a coupon programs. This will destroy the American middle class.

At a certain point conservatives need to stop crying that Obama is a meanie, grow up and look at the facts. The conservative plan divides Americas into the chosen and the forsaken. It is based a greed. It is based on the sick idea that the poor in America have it good and the rich have it bad. Only in the fantasy world of conservative talk radio does this make sense.

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