December 17, 2019

White Supremacist Massacres

By Glenn

Too often I hear “I never learned this” or “I never learned that in a history class.” First, people in general don’t want to hear the tales of Kings, Conquerors, Psychopaths from their own history. They prefer a “cleaned up” version. In the case of the United States, most prefer the Whitewashed version. Unfortunately, that version leaves out the role White Supremacy played in American History.

Recently, the HBO series The Watchmen brought to America’s attention the 1921 Tulsa Massacre. Sadly, there were many more White Supremacists Massacres. Here are a few.

Great Hanging at Gainesville 1862

New Orleans Massacre 1866

Colfax (LA) Massacre 1873

Thibodaux (LA) Massacre 1887

Springfield (IL) Massacre 1908

Elaine (AK) Massacre 1919

Tulsa (OK) Massacre 1921

Rosewood (FL) Massacre 1923

Sherman (TX) Massacre 1930


BET provided a few more that I had not found: Not Just Tulsa: Five Other Race Massacres That Devastated Black America

Wilmington, North Carolina, Massacre (1898)

Atlanta Massacre (1906)

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