November 12, 2020

America Is Moving Forward

By Glenn

America is moving forward.  We have some big problems to face, and name calling will not solve them.  Leadership requires correctly identifying real problems, developing solutions to those problems and then implanting the solutions.

As all of us can see, Covid 19 did not magically disappear after the election.  In fact it is spreading at dangerous levels here in Grayson County and Texas.  For over a week local ICU rooms have been full. 

We know that small steps can make a big difference.  On Tuesday, Utah Governor Gary Herbert, a Republican, issued a state-wide mask mandate.  Wearing masks protects our health and jobs. 

We shouldn’t wait for government to act.  Governor Greg Abbot seems scared to take decisive action.  His failure to ask for small sacrifices is causing rolling shut downs across the state.  Wear your mask and keep a safe distance.

Even when Covid 19 is eventual driven down, however, Texas still faces a growing problem.  Texas trails the nation and has then highest number of uninsured citizens.  Health insurance is a big problem for Texas families.

Many other conservative states have already accepted federal funds under ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act.  Those states expanded Medicaid and drove down their uninsured rate. Texans pay federal taxes, but our legislature is blocking that money from returning to us.

Another big issue that needs attention is the trade war with China.  Contrary to bombastic assertions, trade wars are not easy to win.  It has raised taxes on Texas families between $831 and $2,031. 

China responded to these taxes by raising tariffs on US farm products.  American soybean farmers in particular are vulnerable.  Not only has China turned to Russia for alternative product, it is also looking to boast its own agricultural production.

The longer this conflict drags out the more damage done to US interests.  Mutual tax reduction is the only path forward.

Probably the biggest problem facing Texas right now is public education.  Before Covid 19 the exodus of teachers from the profession hit a five year high.  Public insults, high stakes testing and declining pay and benefits all drive teachers away. 

There is no relief on the horizon. Every pay raise goes immediately to the insurance company to cover health insurance.  Retired teachers are in a worse position because they don’t receive Social Security and their benefits are frozen.  The solution begins with respecting teachers and better compensation.

We can fix our problems.  It takes leaders who will focus on solutions rather than insults.  Are Texas voters ready to demand solutions from newly elected officials?

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