November 19, 2020

Reality Wins

By Glenn

Reality does not depend upon your beliefs.  For example, gravity is a scientific theory.   If you drop an object on earth, it will fall unless acted upon by an outside force.  You don’t have to believe in gravity for it to work.

Since January 2020, conservative politicians have been trying to speak Covid 19 away.  They pretended that their public denials would change reality.  Dallas television star and megachurch pastor, Kenneth Copeland, stood before his congregation and blew Covid away.

Copeland’s magic failed.  Despite the false claims it would magically disappear one day, it has not and it will not.

Something has changed, however.   Since the election, Republican governors across the Midwest have been imposing new covid-19 restrictions. They had to face reality.   The virus is spreading. 

Before the election, they kept up the charade. Parroting the lie that covid-19 was simply the flu.

Conservatives demanded that everyone go about their daily lives as normal.  In the North and South Dakota, Republican governors rejected any government action.  They argued that individual choice was enough to slow the spread.   They now have the worst cases in America.

In Texas Governor Greg Abbott put Republican election efforts ahead of public safety.  He rejected the reality of a pandemic and increased capacity in bars and restaurants.

Abbott wanted the spread the lie that Covid 19 was defeated and the economy was bouncing back.  That was a political narrative that didn’t match reality.

Day by day Texans watched with their own eyes as Covid cases climbed in the month of October.  This period produced a false sense of comfort.  The number of deaths seemed to remain flat.

Like the Indian summer we often enjoy every fall, Covid without deaths will come to an end quickly.  Death is a lagging feature of Covid.  First people get sick.  Hospitalization rates then go up.  An increased number of dead are the last phase of the spread.

Covid 19’s will be an arctic blast on economic activity.  The struggling airlines industry has already started cutting back flights.  Many of us know traveling for business and pleasure simply is not safe.

Unfortunately, about 40 percent of Americans are denying reality.  They will not take precautions to protect themselves, their loved ones or their neighbors.  They continue to believe the political lies. They continue to spread the virus.

You don’t have to believe in Covid 19 to get sick.  Please be careful.  Wear your mask.  Wash your hands.  Keep your distance.

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