July 5, 2019

Arrive Toledo, Spain 2019

By Glenn

May 29

We landed in Madrid at 9:45 am to a brisk 60 degree morning.  For first time, we rented a car at the airport for the drive to Toledo.  Even with a google map print out, I took a wrong fork on the Autovia.  We simply exited and headed back the other way.

Unfortunately, the signs in the opposite direction were not the same, and I had to make a snap decision on another fork.  I decided to head away from the airport.  All of the signs indicated roads with no cardinal directions. Feeling lost, we got off the Autovia and reoriented with google maps. To get back on the required a round about.  I did my best Chevy Chase.

Once in Toledo, we got lost again.  The apartment is a the peak of the medieval city.  We found ourselves next to the river.  I turned off the river road to go up, but quickly found a series of narrow streets that became impassable.  An old Spanish woman was hanging out of her window. All I heard her say was “a la derecha” as she pointed.  I backed down the hill and did a Y turn to get back on the river road.  

I ignored google, and drove by memory for my pre-travel investigations.  I drove the narrow streets along with the large city buses.   Reaching the summit we arrived in front of the Alfonso VI hotel.   The apartment was down a step set of steps right next door.  Elisa meet us out side and told me to park European style, meaning on a walk way that had no markings.   

After dropping the bags off, we walked to the bank and the TI in Zocodover Plaza.  We found a plaza off the main drag with a fixed menu for 12.90 E. On the way back to the apartment we wandered the streets exploring.  It was cool in the shade, but getting warmer.

At 5pm we road the No. 71 city bus to the lookout over the city.   It was a broad scene with perfectly blue, clear sky.  On the way back, we walked to the Orange store to get Jackie her SIM card.  I had forgotten the unlock my phone and had to wait.  Walking back up hill we admired the Gate and the view into the valley. 

For supper (9pm) it was a simple meal of bread with jamon and butter served with olives and beer.  By this time it was 10 and dark.  The city was perfectly quite as walked to the wall above the river.  

Pan con jamon y mantequilla

We slept until 7 am undisturbed. 

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