July 30, 2016

Pet Peeve

By Glenn

This is really a pet peeve of mine. Often family, friends and strangers get upset with me for telling them the truth. Often they will say, “I never learned that.” Why blame ME and the TRUTH for your poor educationpet_peeve? You live in the Information Age. Educate yourself.

I try my best to be patient. I provide data and documents. I’ll make charts to illustrate the point. I’ll do a side by side comparison. Too often I get ridiculed for thinking.

What greater gift from God is there than reason? Why would I refuse his gift? To win a spot on a “reality tv show”?

Just couple of days ago I had the audacity to show that the DNC really did have flags on the first day of the convention. A commenter got mad at me for proving a simple fact. Why not get mad at the people creating the lies?

Why keep trusting the same people over and over that produce bad public policy? The people that cut teacher salaries. The people who over work our law enforcement to the point of exhaustion. The people who write laws to fill up expensive private prisons. The politicians who refuse to admit a mistake and prolong wars.

I work in a profession that facts matter. We give a wide berth for different arguments. Those arguments, however, must be rooted in reality. You can’t just make it up.

I feel better. Keep calm and mind the facts.

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